15 People That Make Us Want To GTFO This Planet!

1. Donald Trump
He puts the ‘panic’ in Hispanic. Donald J. Trump! The ‘J’ must stand for ‘genius’ because
Trump’s policies following his election as president of America have not settled well with many.
Let me rephrase- anybody that isn’t a white evangelist.
Since Trump won his ‘Make America Great Again’ campaign back in 2016, which was the 58th
Quadrennial American presidential election, Trump’s not been knowin’ how to act. Trump has
been blocking celebs with frequency and vigour. He’s blocked a silly amount of people (yes, the
president of America blocking people!) On the morning of June 13th, Trump blocked
@VoteVets, a group representing over 500,000 veterans. Not long after, he blocked the novelist
BUT, a federal judge expressed scepticism about whether Donald Trump can constitutionally
block Twitter users whose views he does not like from following and retweeting on his account.
Real mature, Donald!

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