Project Plan: Example

What is the obstacle? My area of study for this article will be stress and the problems following it. What is the solution? Through your own motivation and personal skills, with the additional help of friends or experts. With my guidance, to slowly but surely resolve your angst. Why have you chosen this solution? (Based on  your experience or external source) Through personal experience, I … Continue reading Project Plan: Example

Street Fashion: Alexa Chung

Evolutionary Television Presenter Alexa Chung- A short biography Alexa Chung, a 33-year-old Television presenter born in Privett, Hampshire was scouted to be a model at Reading festival when she was only 16. Because of this, she managed to then model for teen magazines, such a Elle Girl and CosmoGIRL, also working for companies including Fanta, Sony Ericsson and Urban Outfitters. Alexa Chung appeared in many … Continue reading Street Fashion: Alexa Chung

How I Re-write: Example

‘Book of secrets’ first paragraph rewritten: A shocking revelation- Diana had predicted her own death. Diana was aware that there was a plot, and that there were people set out to end her life. The gruelling account of Diana and her boyfriend, Dodi Al-Fayed, is about to unfold. The original paragraph: If you were not already aware, Princess Diana had predicted her own death. She … Continue reading How I Re-write: Example

15 People That Make Us Want To GTFO This Planet!

1. Donald Trump He puts the ‘panic’ in Hispanic. Donald J. Trump! The ‘J’ must stand for ‘genius’ because Trump’s policies following his election as president of America have not settled well with many. Let me rephrase- anybody that isn’t a white evangelist. Since Trump won his ‘Make America Great Again’ campaign back in 2016, which was the 58th Quadrennial American presidential election, Trump’s not … Continue reading 15 People That Make Us Want To GTFO This Planet!

Stress: The cons… and cons.

Stress and how to overcome it: An article written by Kaitlyn Pibernik Stress: The cons… and cons. If there is any upside to stress, it’s that you learn how not to cope with it in the future. Any kind of stress is difficult to overcome but I know we can do it together. My Story And How You Can Relate: I’m Kaitlyn Pibernik, and I’m … Continue reading Stress: The cons… and cons.