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I’m Kate Pibernik, an apprentice freelance writer from the UK. I have written articles for YOLOFreelanceThenAndNow and I am currently writing a novella. I am studying English literature and language, and I also speak German. I have also done a share of charity work- volunteer of course as I find it rewarding. When I’m not writing, I’m either relaxing or doing art. You can find all of my work on my website yellowscribe.wordpress.com

Being a writer to me is about doing what I love for consumers that appreciate it. Writing for magazines, writing for blogs, are all jobs that I feel for. I write from my heart and that’s why I do it.

To me, journalism is a big step up from just writing your work. It’s about thinking around the clock about what your client would like, and utilizing the brain you were born with. I want to write things you’ll remember, I want recognition and to get that I need to connect with the right people.

Journalism is my forte, and I have found absolute enjoyment through it. Through journalism, I have developed relationships, new skills, and techniques that I honestly didn’t know I had.

With my work, I want to travel to meet clients. I want to have the facilities to organize my supplies, I want to write and only write, this is my passion.

For me to make a living from journalism would be a dream come true. Don’t you think?

Upon request, I can provide an updated CV and cover letter.

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