Reading, UK

Liv and I met on Instagram last year

We met for the first time at Pride, on September 3rd this year and the moment we met we knew we were compatible. The conversation flowed like we’d known each other for years, and it was amazing.

Reading Pride 2018

Nothing could compare to the experience of being at pride. The wholesomeness of being part of a large body of LGBT+ people is a warmth that is indescribable, and is one of the only times in the year where I can talk to people without feeling even the slightest judged. Pride is run by volunteers and the funding all comes from charity, and all of the proceeds go to charity. 

We then met again for a sleepover a few weeks on, and it was just the same, fun- we drank wine like old ladies and watched YouTube together.

Then we saw 5 Seconds Of Summer together

At the Brixton Academy, 29th October this year (2018). Asides from the 8-hour wait, and being elbowed in the face, the music was good.

It was a really good coincidence that Liv was also there, so Jess, myself, Liv and Liv’s friend Dom lined up for just over 8 hours together.

Liv’s dad bought her tickets, and Jess and I so happened to buy the same tickets for the same night!

Our photo shoot in Sainsbury’s was a week or so prior to the concert

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