My new idea… Changing the website direction

Thank you for persevering with my inconsistency on the website. I have by no means figured out where I’m going with my life currently and right now have little time to configure my social life.

I have been unpacking and travelling a lot to be with loved ones recently and have been craving posting content on my site. Posting and getting words out there is truly what I love doing but truth be told none of us have the time to maintain an online profile, especially myself currently. I’m typing this on Max’s laptop which is dimly lit in a dark room as he naps (he’s very jet lagged) so excuse me if I miss type.

Knowing what I want on this website has been something I’ve been after for a good while and once I narrow down the content I’ll be banging out great content for my audience to read.
It’s not all bad though, I do have a vague idea of what I’ll be focusing on from now on:

apartment blinds cabinets chairs
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Organisation. As you may know from my previous post- organisation is something I am passionate about and as I have known for ages, my dream is to be a professional organiser.

On my website I would love to share my best tips and tricks for staying organised both spacially and in ones mind, as I find they often come hand in hand. Article writing (about said topic) is bound to be my strong point considering how passionate I am about it, and trust me when I say I have a lot to write about.

Regardless, I will definitely still be writing journalistically about my travels and general life, also blending in organisation because I definitely have some tips and tricks for being organised while travelling… Maybe an article like that is in the works? You’ll have to see 😉

That’s all I’ve got for now, thank you once more for reading and check back soon for more content.



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