Articles I Plan On Completing…

A definitive list:

Blog-Writing.pngI just think that posting my article plan on the website will show people how punctual I am (I definitely am!) So keep aware, I will be writing the following.




  • How to be your best self- 15/06
  • How G Suite helped my writing career- 17/06
  • PayPal VS Bank Transfer- a global battle- 18/06
  • How to know if they’re legit– 19/06
  • How I overcome challenges / What I do when I fail– 21/06
  • How I stay organised– 25/06
  • How I stay positive– 26/06
  • How I find motivation– 28/06
  • How I make & save money- 29/06

And if you don’t think I’ll manage it, I don’t blame you. But also as soon as I get the login to Meistertask from my editor, I’ll be writing articles for This Website, which means I’ll have to postpone my personal article writing. That’s all for now.cropped-logo_transparent.png

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