My Week In Germany… In Detail

Day 1: A hectic day to say the least. We arrived at Arnstorf at about 9:30am and unpacked straight away. After showering and spraying ourselves we headed to the ‘Freibad’, the outdoor public pool which is 2 euros per person to enter. We spent some hours there and then went to our first stop: Rudi and Steffi’s house. My dad met them through his friend … Continue reading My Week In Germany… In Detail

The Art To Organisation

Organisation plays a huge part in my life. As somebody with ocd (contamination, checking and hoarding), my lifestyle is directly impacted by how clean and how organised my surroundings are. Going on holiday/traveling is often a trigger for me, because I make lists- otherwise, the anxiety sets in. I check my lists four or five times and every time I get anxious. My terrible short-term … Continue reading The Art To Organisation